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A game (game console) is a computer system used primarily for entertainment that uses source code open only to licensed software developers and TV or other dedicated display and input devices. The greatest difference between game consoles and personal computers is the source code and the closed nature of the software. All mechanical and electronic devices used by humans to play games can generally be referred to as game consoles. Game consoles have created a global frenzy beyond any other form of entertainment. It is not difficult to understand that advancements in PCB technologies have powered the development of game consoles.


A television (TV) is a device that uses electronic technologies to transmit moving images and audio signals for playback on the PCB of the TV. A TV circuit board is an important part of the device and its quality determines whether the equipment can play contents correctly.

PC (Personal Computer)

A PC refers to a personal computer. The term PC originated from IBM’s first desktop computer dubbed the PC in 1978. It refers to all desktop computers generally used by individuals and was thus named the PC (personal computer). The hardware system of a computer is essentially the traditional framework proposed by John von Neumann and consists of five basic components including the computing device, controller, memory, input device, and output device.


Networking encompasses beginner knowledge of computer networking to advanced concepts of Ethernet, router configuration, TCP/IP networks, routing protocols, LAN, park network and WAN configuration, network security, wireless network interconnection, fiber optic networks, VoIP, network servers, and industrial networks.


Automotive PCBs: The production of automobiles and trucks requires durable, reliable, and rigid PCB applications. High-tech PCBs must withstand harsh driving conditions and they serve as catalysts for innovation in automotive electronics. High-power copper plated PCBs are the most common PCBs used by automotive manufacturers.


STB (Set Top Box)

A Set Top Box (STB) is generally referred to as a cable box or television decoder. It is a device that connects a TV to external signal sources. It converts compressed digital signals into TV contents for display on the TV. The signal can be provided by cable, satellite antenna, broadband network, and terrestrial television. The content received by the STB includes a simulation of the images and sound that analog TV can provide as well as digital contents such as digital program guides, Internet pages, etc. It allows users to watch digital TV programs on existing TV sets and access interactive digital entertainment, education, and commercial activities on the Internet.


Servers are high-performance computers used as nodes on the Internet for storing and processing information and data. They are also referred to as the soul of the Internet. They are like telephones dispersed in homes, office premises, and public areas. When we exchange information and communicate with the outside world in our daily life and work, we must use a switch to reach the target telephone. Similarly, network terminal devices such as microcomputers in homes and businesses must also use servers to access the Internet, obtain information, communicate with the outside world, and access entertain. Servers are thus responsible for organizing and directing these devices. Servers are used to display the same data or resources to a vast number of users.


Home applications: Wireless stereo, smart home appliances, white appliances, etc. are smart home appliances created with the incorporation of microprocessors, sensor technology, network communication technology into home appliances. They can automatically sense the state of the residential space, the state of the home appliance itself, and the state of services of the home appliance. They can automatically control and receive control commands from residential users in the home or from a remote location. At the same time, smart home appliances are components of the smart home and can be connected with other appliances, the home environment, and facilities in the residence to create a system with smart home functions.

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