Human Resources Policy

We believe that our employees are important assets for the Company and we value the diversity of their abilities and expertise. We treat all employees equally by upholding the principles of fairness and reasonableness. We comply with labor, safety and health, and international human rights regulations to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, establish comprehensive compensation and benefits, and pursue profit and profit-sharing so that our employees can be proud of the Company and be motivated to attain company goals.

Talent Recruitment

After evaluating the manpower requirements of the overall organization, we conduct internal and external recruitment in an open manner based on the principle of finding the right person for the job. In addition to recruitment channels such as online job banks (104 and 1111), we actively participate in job fairs at local government institutions and campus recruitment activities in universities to recruit talents from different disciplines and age groups through different recruitment channels.

Training and Development

We construct employee development plans and learning channels through progressive training programs and employee promotion systems to provide employees with room for self-development and growth.

Compensation and Benefits

We establish a competitive compensation and benefits system based on the Company’s operations and the results of market salary surveys to attract talents and motivate employees with excellent performance.

Employee Relations

We allow employees to express their ideas and voice opinions whenever necessary through different channels such as labor-management meetings, department meetings, President’s mailbox, bulletin boards, and online announcements, to promote mutual understanding between the Company and employees and help all employees advance toward common goals more efficiently.
We provide employees with a better understanding of the Company’s vision, goals, and plans, and help them align their personal goals with those of the Company to benefit both parties. The PSA Charitable Foundation provides Employee Assistance Programs for work and life. It organizes activities such as employee travel, fairs, outdoor hiking activities, and ball games to provide employees with high-quality leisure activities and attain a healthy balance between work and life.
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