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HannStar Board is part of the Passive System Alliance management philosophy includes “aiming for long-term stability and leaving a legacy”. We believe that the sustainable development of a company is a marathon, not a sprint. We must not exhaust all resources in an instant. We do not over-expand or over-reach. Proper long-term strategic planning and careful thinking are the key to consistent success. Long-term strategies require resolute execution. We pay attention to our heritage, systematically cultivate talents, and carefully seek out the best people for the job so that employees make the most of their skills. We have established talent training and reward mechanisms so that talents can collaborate with each other and grow together. Join HannStar and grow together with us:

General recruitment

Recruitment category Recruitment methods Follow-up notifications
Send resume on recruitment website Please send your resume to the Company on the 104 and 1111 Job Bank Your resume will be reviewed by HR and the hiring manager and suitable candidates will be invited for an interview
Send resume online Send your resume to the Company's recruitment mailbox

Important information:

1. Interviewees are required to comply with relevant regulations for entering and exiting the plant.

2. Please prepare pens to be used for the interview.

Latest Vacancies

104(Click link)
1111(Click link)
Official account of Jiangyin Factory, Jiangsu Province, China

*If you wish to obtain the latest recruitment information of Jiangyin Factory, Jiangsu Province, China, please add the official account of Jiangyin Factory, Jiangsu Province, China

Latest Campus Recruitment Schedule

HannStar Board Corporation participates in campus recruitment campaigns in universities to recruit talents from different institutions, enhance the recruitment of the Company, and create a corporate system with vitality and professionalism.

Campus Recruitment Schedule
National Central University
Campus Recruitment Schedule
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Campus Recruitment Schedule
National Taipei University of Technology

Directions to HannStar

Talent Recruitment Contact Information

Team Building and Benefits

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