Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

HannStar Charitable Group

The charitable group has been established for close to 20 years. Its revenue consists of fixed contributions and donations from the salary of multiple members and company employees. It provides emergency aid and relief to employees with sudden changes in their family and economic difficulties. In addition to caring for employees, we also work with schools in remote areas to help improve the quality of education for disadvantaged schoolchildren. We continue to sponsor charity organizations such as the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association to help provide patients with adequate healthcare and help the public understand and learn more about Prader-Willi syndrome. Volunteers also help increase the quality of life and medical services for elderly people living alone in Guanyin District. We hope that the reach of the charitable group can be expanded to all corners of the society to fulfill the Company’s philosophy of giving back to the society.


PSA Charitable Foundation

Employee Care Activities

Charitable Foundation & HannStar Board

PSA Charitable Foundation and HannStar Board jointly organized employee support activities including the one-day youth career experience dubbed “MondayNice” (Have You Smiled Today, Next Cup of Blessings, Fragrant Encounter with You, paper roll pencil, and aerobic exercises) EAP activities (Zentangle, stress relief cards, Pastel Nagomi Art, etc.), interviews for supporting new employees, Christmas events for foreign employees, and body language communication courses. We offer a diverse range of contents and expand care to all employees in the factories. More than 300 employees participate in these activities each year.

HannStar Board Jiangyin Factory

HannStar Board Jiangyin Factory organizes many employee care activities each year including employee tour, fairs, Mid-Autumn Festival party, networking events, award presentation for outstanding performance of employees’ children, Ashura celebrations for Muslim employees, outdoor hiking activities, and various ball games to provide employees with high-quality leisure activities and attain a healthy balance between work and life. External events include activities for the elderly and children in social welfare institutions. We assemble employees to jointly participate in these activities and make contributions.

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