Two Major Categories of Employee Training


The Company plans pre-job training and support training in individual units to help new employees understand the Company’s environment, vision, organization structure, and regulations.

On-the-job Training System

Specialized work training organized by individual units.

OFF-JT training includes quality management, professional training, management training, and general knowledge.

Self-development includes independent studies and language training. The Company encourages employees to improve their abilities and foreign language skills and provides subsidies and incentives for related training. In addition to physical courses, we also promote online courses to help employees learn effectively without time and spatial constraints. We believe that a positive and comprehensive training system can enhance the professional knowledge and skills of all employees for their work. It increases work efficiency and helps employees grow with the Company.

Industry-Academia Collaboration

To fulfill corporate social responsibility, the Company joined the “Gap of Learning & Field (GOLF)” alliance in 2019 to work with different companies to support industry-academia collaboration. We provide internship opportunities to help students connect with the industry in advance, enhance the competitiveness of future talents, and promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge between different disciplines and industries.
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