HannStar Board products are key components in international industrial and consumer electronic products and industries. We have therefore strengthened our technologies and leveraged outstanding execution and discipline for quality assurance. We also expanded across the globe by setting up production and services in major markets, cultivating professional teams, producing and selling high-quality products, and creating international industry influence to make our cost and quality competitive.

Highest production capacity in the world and competitiveness in cost and quality

Our current PCB production capacity (including that of the subsidiary Global Brands Manufacture Ltd. Elna) is over 11 million square feet/month. With the production capacity in the world, we have competitive advantages in cost and quality.

Extensive product applications

Products are used for high-end servers, network communications equipment, industrial computers, military PCBs, HDI, and large quantities of consumer laptop computers, gaming/business computers, flat-screen TVs, game consoles, set-top boxes, etc.

Dispersed factory locations

The Company has eight factories in Taiwan, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Sichuan, Japan, and Malaysia, which help us disperse the risks of geographical concentration.

High-efficiency production processes enable rapid product delivery

The Company has a high-efficiency production process that delivers products to customers quickly. It minimizes the time required to launch new products in the market.

Strict and effective quality control ensures product quality

The Company is committed to consistently producing high-quality products and we have implemented quality control measures at key stages of the production process. We also adopted international practices in the production processes to ensure high-product quality standards. The Company’s certifications include the ISO 9001 Quality Management System for the production of printed circuit boards and ISO/TS 16949 for the manufacturing processes, which has been adopted by the automobile industry for confirming that internationally recognized quality standards are met.

Strong engineering technologies and production capacity

The Company has the manufacturing technology to customize production solutions to meet the needs of different customers. We are able to modify existing production processes and efficiently process orders for different quantities and layers of PCBs within a short period of time in response to changes in operations and increase yield. In addition, we can also provide engineering and technical support for customers in the early stages of product development. The Company provides value-added services from design and prototyping to testing and development to improve product feasibility, functionality, quality, reliability, and testability.

Skilled management team with extensive experience in the industry

We have an experienced and professional management team with technical expertise, industry knowledge, and experience. It is committed to the business development of our customers and the Company. Most members of the management team have extensive experience in their respective fields, including PCB manufacturing, engineering, sales and marketing, finance, and accounting.

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