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Corporate social responsibility is not just a slogan. We must incorporate CSR into the DNA of the Group.

Passive System Alliance (PSA) was formally established in 2002. Since then, it has grown into an international group with ten companies domestically and overseas, more than 30,000 employees, and a total revenue of NT$107 billion in 2019.

CSR is an important business philosophy for PSA for supporting our seven major business philosophy principles of “integrity first”, “treat customers as partners”, “focus and quality as top priority”, “globalization”, “stabilization and talent development”, “value key stakeholders”, and “collaboration”. We hope that the Company can fulfill corporate social responsibility while achieving profitability and providing shareholders with reasonable returns. We also seek to create a work environment that facilitates the growth and security of employees, help disadvantaged groups, and attain circular business management that benefits all parties.


The earthquake on September 21, 1999 marked an important beginning of PSA’s initiatives for caring for the disadvantaged. Employees actively made contributions to caring for those struck by the disaster and reconstruction. We later expanded the reach of the initiatives in the Company by consolidating resources of the Group to form the PSA Charitable Foundation, which focuses on providing five main services including Hear (Hearing Health Care for Seniors), Give (Volunteering Service), Read (Children’s Reading), Care (Short-term Breaks for Caregivers), and Listen (Friendly Workplaces).


Among the five senses of humans, hearing is the sense that is most easily ignored. After the Foundation was created, it has provided assistance to children with hearing impairment to help them connect with mainstream society by means of donating electronic hearing aids, rehabilitation, and professional training for hearing language teachers. I remember the look on a mother’s face when I told her that I understood her hardships. Tears quickly flowed down her face. It made me more resolute to provide more care for people with hearing impairment and help relieve the stress on caregivers.


In recent years, medical studies have connected hearing impairments to elderly people’s loss their footing and dementia. Taiwan is an aged society and the World Health Organization (WHO) report stated that the hearing impairment incurs a cost of US$750 billion globally each year. Since 2011, the Foundation has recruited more psychologists and audiologists to create professional hearing examination rooms. We also consolidated resources from the industry, government, medical institutions, academia, and associations to provide a complete hearing health program from preventive health education, health examination, medical referrals, and use of hearing aids.


PSA Charitable Foundation has invested approximately NT$84 million and assigned personnel in 3,500 cases for charity and care initiatives. We donated more than NT$73 million of hearing aid equipment and provided care to 1,100 children with hearing impairment. We recruited 2,000 volunteers, examined the hearing health of more than 15,000 elderly people, helped 400 people with hearing impairment use the free services of the Hearing Aid Bank, and provided stress relief courses to more than 300 caregivers, making PSA Charitable Foundation the most active foundation for hearing health among community outreach centers in Taiwan. In addition, we have expanded media coverage on International Ear Care Day on March 3 each year starting from 2018 and accumulated 453 media reports with NT$29.89 million in the value of media coverage with the aim of encouraging the society to pay attention to hearing, implement regular examinations, and obtain treatment as quickly as possible. Although we can’t help everyone, we can at least help them understand this concept. Two out of every ten people have witnessed our CSR initiatives and learned about its importance. Our long-term commitment to our values and ideas have helped more people understand and increased their awareness.


The Foundation focuses on care for those with hearing impairment and HannStar Board employees also voluntarily set up a charitable group in 2002 to provide emergency aid and relief to employees with sudden changes in their family and economic difficulties. We continue to sponsor the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association to help the public understand and learn more about Prader-Willi syndrome. Volunteers also help increase the quality of life and medical services for elderly people living alone in Guanyin District.


We believe that having the passion and the desire to help others is essential for building the best possible team. When employees are part of something that provides positive feedback to the society, they gain a sense of honor that they share with their families, which in turn creates cohesion within the Group.

PSA companies have made many commitments to care for employees, green energy products, and environmental protection. They include the following:

Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

Compliance with occupational health and safety regulations and continuous improvement of management and effectiveness. Occupational Health and Safety Policy: Compliance with occupational health and safety regulations and continuous improvement of management and effectiveness.

Employee health:

Create a smoke-free and maternity-friendly workplace, provide health examinations, and obtain the highest certification for a healthy workplace.

Environmental protection and green energy products:

We strictly comply with environmental protection laws and regulations and actively develop green energy products for our customers that comply with international environmental regulations. We have also received numerous certifications.

Care for employees:

We use the PSA Charitable Foundation and clubs to provide Employee Assistance Programs that help employees balance their life, work, and health. We also received the 1111 Job Bank Happy Company Award in 2019.

It is not difficult for companies to invest funds and promote corporate social responsibility. The difficult part is making sustained commitments. I believe that with the support of PSA shareholders and employees, these actions will no longer be mere slogans but will become part of PSA.

Anthony Chiao, Chairman of Passive System Alliance

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